How to Book with Us



First of all take vision of our terms and conditions before to book any room. Then follow our  advices.

Step 1:

Search the flat of our desire in our database.

Step 2:

If you find it, add us in facebook  .

Step 3:

Send a photo of  copy of a personal document to us by facebook and we will provide you within 2 hours a contract of reservations with all details and terms of the agreement.

Step 4:

In case you agree to the conditions written in the contract of reservation and you want book one of our flats or rooms , you will have to sign the contract of reservation and then send a variable sum to reserve the apartment or the room. The amount  is not negotionable and not refundable, in case you would decide last minute  to not come anymore.

Step 5:

The day of your arrival, you will be personally accompanied by one of us directly to our office where you will provide to pay us for our service and get they keys of flat. Then we will go to the flat and we will follow you, step by step during the bureucratic iter. All that you have to know will be translated and explained to let you be perfectly independent and able to interact with the landlord in the following future, even if he does not understand English.

Step 6:

Payment for the rent to landlord and Vilnius Apartments’ s fee

Step 7:

We ll record a video as reference for our future customers.


To know the price of our service “searching home” click here