Raugyklos g. 11

    Raugyklos g. 11, Vilnius 01140, Lithuania


    Huge 90m2 flat in  Old  town, close to University ISM, VU, bars, clubs, SUPERMARKET open 24hours.  Full-equipment kitchen. WI-fi fast 100Mb. 2 separeted bedrooms. Central heating. One double bed in one room and one double bed and 2 single beds in second room. 2 bathrooms  Suitable for 4-5 people.


    Rent:    900€/month


    Deposit: 250€/person


    Agency’s fee:  200€/person  for one semester, 280€/person for 2 semester.


    Utilieties cost *:
    April-September  around  20-40Eur for month/person
    October-March   around     30-70Eur for month/person


    * Consider the values/person  as simply average calculate in according with our  experience, neverthless costs may changes  till +/- 20% !!!  





    Rent price: price for month is always showed without utilities.


    Deposit :  it’s the amount kept by landlord to guarantee him self about possible damages in the flat. Sum is always refund if  not occurs any damage to the flat or problems with police due to the Tenants.


    Vilnius Apartment’s fee: it’s a fixed fee for our service of translation and mediation, which has to be payed only one time. Check the prices here


    Down payment: it’s a variable sum from 150Eur to 300Eur, which landlords requests to reserved the flat in advance, in case you are not in Lithuania yet. Once you arrive in Vilnius, such amount  is deducted from the total sum owed for the rent to the Landlord.

    View on map / Neighborhood


    • fridge
    • microwave
    • oven
    • pots and pans
    • sheets and duvets
    • table & guardarobe
    • washing machine

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